It’s been a busy summer

So the last three months have been very busy for production psych. Production psych has worked on prime time productions such as “Rich House Poor House”, “The Broman’s” and “Holy habit”.  Alongside working in television, I also work in clinical practice. I work with some leading providers such as Yorkshire Water and a variety of education settings including collages and schools. As part of my role, I am often asked to deliver training and workshops. As part of World mental health day in October I delivered a presentation and workshop to around 50 delegates on the topic Eating disorders.
I have also started working one day a week for the charity Mind in Hull. I visit schools and colleges to help children as young as 11 with psychological problems. I am due to attend some training on “Helping the child overcome sudden and expected loss”. This training was devised following the Manchester terrorist attack. I feel it is important to continually update my skill mix. When working alongside contributors on Documentaries I have assessed people who have experienced sudden loss. One has to remember that we are not entering into a therapeutic relationship with contributors, but to have a deeper therapeutic understanding does help me to fully assess. I also have to attend so many hours of annual training to keep my professional gold standard accreditation. I am working on some very exciting productions at the moment, one in America ……. so watch this space!