Production Psych

Welcome to Production Psych

Hello my name is Claire Evans and I am a media Consultant Psychotherapist within Production Psych. We have worked on a number of award winning productions including: –

  • Resident on Trisha, Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle spanning over 10 years. I held an employment contract for ITV during this time.
  • Currently resident on TOWIE and Big Brother.  I am the preferred provider for some production companies who regularly use my services. `
  • Held a studio/ location presence on many shows. including Red or Black, Playing it straight, Derren Brown, Jesus Christ superstar, Mischief mansion, The next step and The big spell.

Media Psychotherapy is the branch of psychology that focuses on the relationships between human behavior and the media. Recognising the interactive and dynamic relationship between humans and media is key to a more accurate and useful understanding of the human-media experience that is at the root of effective assessment, development, and production of media that can make a positive contribution to life and society.

Production Psych are specialist media consultants

  • Working with a wide range of production teams
  • Assessments regarding suitability.
  • set up psych teams on productions such as Jeremy Kyle, Geordie shore, made in Chelsea, Big Brother, TOWIE.
  • work within legal and risk frameworks.
  • pre and post production support.
  • work with legal departments often advising how to manage situations.
  • Working closely with Channel commissioners.